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ZKP’s Promise:
Scalability, Speed, Data Privacy, and Security

A rapidly changing landscape: New proof systems, cryptographic components, unaudited ZKP libraries and implementations arriving monthly. Fertile ground doubling as a security minefield. Our team can help you.

The Approach


We advise on proper protocol designs using common blockchain cryptographic building blocks (eg. BLS signatures, Schnorr signatures, Sigma protocols) for correctness, security and efficiency.


Ongoing assessment and recommendations to ensure correctness and security when implementing protocol designs and/or modifying existing peer reviewed protocols.


Our audits ensure security, completeness, soundness and conformance with standard references and best practices (eg. PLONKish family of protocols, ZK-friendly hash functions)

At every stage, OpenZeppelin is pleased to provide research papers and publishable security assessments. We seek to instill confidence and transparency in clients’ specific implementations, thereby promoting the industry as a whole.

Our team excels in ZK cryptography, widely-used implementations of open-source libraries, and securing L1/L2 systems


Years in cryptographic & Blockchain Security Research experience


Citations span more than 50 published papers' impact

Co-authors on multiple cryptographic designs including:

  • PLONK, a next-generation zk-SNARK proof system in use with ZK Rollups.
  • Anemoi, a family of ZK-friendly hash functions.
  • Cryptographic implementations for libsnark among other open-source contributions.
  • Familiarity with multiple PLONK variations, custom circuits, custom SNARKs, ZK-friendly hash functions, Ring VRFs and signature schemes like Schnorr and BLS.

"The cryptographers at OpenZeppelin are extremely proficient. We designed a modification that was not easy to grasp, and it was understood quite quickly and thoroughly. The discussions led to some upgrade not only in the solidity code but in gnark-crypto and gnark, especially KZG related operations."

Thomas Piellard

Applied Cryptographer

The Last Challenge Attack

Our team of ZKP security experts identified a critical vulnerability in Linea's PLONK verifier, highlighting the importance of auditing cryptographic systems.

Linea Bridge Audit

Linea, an Ethereum ZK-rollup, lowers fees through efficient transactions and verifications. We audited the system used to bridge assets from Ethereum to Linea.

Announcing the OpenZeppelin Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKP) Practice

We are now providing expert ZKP audit services, ensuring security in complex cryptographic systems...

Part 1: ZK-friendly Hash Functions

Overview of ZK-friendly hash functions, distinction from "classical" ones, taxonomy, typical use cases, highlighting MiMC, Poseidon and Rescue.

Part 2: The Anemoi ZK-friendly Hash Function

Describing Anemoi ZK-friendly hash function family, leveraging CCZ-equivalence, its components and Flystel S-box, use cases, benchmarks, references.

Linea Verifier Audit

The Linea Verifier contracts are standalone systems that can be used by the Linea L1 contracts to validate whether a proposed state root should be accepted.

We would be delighted to talk with you

If you are embarking on a ZKP project, we are happy to participate