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  • Code, Deploy, Monitor, Relayers and Actions
  • Safe multisig, EOA, DAO Governor, and Timelock support 
  • Email, Slack, Telegram, Discord, and Webhooks integrations(ADD-ONS)
  • Forked networks
  • Community forum base support



billed annually or $500 billed monthly

Everything in Builder with higher limits, access to our support team, and the features to operate and automate your project.

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  • Higher usage for Relayer transactions, Action runs, Monitor alerts and more
  • Private networks
  • Automation Workflows
  • Advanced Monitor filters and notifications
  • Flexible quotas with pay-as-you-go model
  • 99.9% availability 
  • Email and Support form with 1 business day acknowledgment and SLA



Everything in Professional with higher limits, a dedicated support channel, and the features you need to securely scale your project.

  • Higher usage for Relayer transactions, Action runs, Monitor alerts and more
  • Access Control 
  • Private transactions with flashbots
  • 99.99% availability 
  • Email and Support form and dedicated Slack channel with 12 hours acknowledgment and SLA

Advance integration add-on package:

  • Approval process and policies with Fireblocks
  • Logging and log forwarding to Datadog, Splunk, and any observability platform
  • Incident management with PagerDuty and OpsGenie

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Have questions about our plans and need help to know where to start?

Contact our sales team and we’ll be happy to schedule a call to make sure we build a plan that works for you!

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Compare plans

Find one that’s right for you

Builder Sign Up for Free Professional Subscribe Now Enterprise Contact Sales
2 10 Custom
Mainnet Address Book Contracts

Manage and operate your smart contracts on supported mainnets with ease

3 20 Custom
Code Inspector Reports

Automatically scan your code with every pull request to detect vulnerabilities

per month

50 100 Custom

Securely manage the private keys, transactions signing, nonce management, gas estimation, and resubmissions

2 5 Custom
Relayer Transactions

Automatically send on-chain transactions through API using Relayers

per month

500 5,000 Custom

Gain full visibility to your smart contracts behavior on-chain

5 20 Custom
Monitor Alerts

Get alerts and notifications to events and functions, and react immediately with actions

per month

1,000 10,000 Custom
Action Runs

Customize your account to support any on-chain and off-chain operation that can be triggered through API, Webhook, scheduled, or on-demand

per month

1,000 5,000 Custom
Private Networks

Customize your account by adding any compatible networks

0 5 Custom
Forked Networks

Deploy and test your contracts on forked networks before deploying to mainnet

1 5 Custom
Transaction Proposals

Easily create and sign transactions using a UI form through EOA, Safe and other supported integrations

per month

5 25 Custom
Professional Services

Security audits & emergency response

On-demand On-demand Priority


  • How long is a trial and what happens when my trial ends?

    Defender offers a 14-day free trial that provides you access to many of our premium features such as Private and Forked Networks, Access Control, Workflows, and much more. Once the trial ends your account will automatically be set to your previous Builder or Professional subscription. 

  • Can I extend my trial?

    Yes. If you need more than 14 days to test any of the premium features, you can contact and request to extend your trial.
  • How can I increase the usage of my subscription?

    Defender paid Professional and Enterprise subscriptions offer a pay-as-you-go model in addition to the included quotas. Once you can exceed your quota, you will be invoiced according to the additional metered usage at the end of each monthly billing cycle.
  • How can I change subscriptions?

    You can upgrade your subscription from Builder to Professional by navigating to the billing page and clicking on the upgrade button. Upgrading from Builder or Professional to Enterprise can be done by contacting
  • How much will I pay if I exceed the included quota of my subscription?

    If you subscribe to our Professional or Enterprise subscriptions and use the pay-as-you-go model, you may exceed your included quota and be invoiced at the end of the monthly billing cycle based on your actual usage. The amount will depend on the features you use.
  • When do monthly quotas reset?

    The usage monthly quotas will reset back to 0 on the 1st of each calendar month.
  • When will I be billed?

    Depending on your subscription plan, for your Defender subscription, you will either be billed monthly or annually. Metered overages that exceed your included quota will be billed monthly regardless of your subscription plan.
  • Which payment methods are supported?

    You can pay for your Defender subscription using Credit Card, wire transfer, and USDC. Using the pay-as-you-go model will require you to add your credit card details even if you choose a different payment method to pay for your subscription.
  • How can I cancel my subscription?

    To submit a request to cancel your subscription, navigate to the subscriptions page in your account and select to downgrade to the Builder subscription. Note that the changes to the subscription will be applied in your next billing cycle.
  • What happens when my paid subscription expires?

    Once a paid Professional or Enterprise subscription expires and is not renewed, your subscription will automatically be set to the Builder free subscription, you will lose access to premium subscription and support, and your quotas will be set accordingly. 

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