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Blockchain Incident Response Services

Through strategic planning and execution, loss of funds can be prevented

The Challenge

Security Culture

The absence of a dedicated security commitment can leave organizations powerless in the face of financial hacks and destructive attacks.

Complex Setup Process

An effective incident response plan includes defining roles and responsibilities, escalation procedures, governance setup, conducting drills, and ensuring communication during emergencies.

Atomic Nature of Blockchain

Since transactions are indivisible and irreversible once initiated, stopping or mitigating attacks before all funds are lost is a challenge.

The Solution

Navigating Emergencies with Expertise and Speed

Unlock urgent incident identification and response with OpenZeppelin's expert support. Our team ensures rapid, decisive actions, halting or mitigating threats the moment they emerge.

Customized Plan

We'll assess your team's current incident response procedures and identify technological, organizational, and process gaps. This assessment leads to a customized, comprehensive Incident Response Plan.

Bundled Process & Technology

OpenZeppelin crafts custom solutions that combine preparation, planning, and testing with best-in-class monitoring technology and response mechanisms. We simulate Incident Response scenarios to improve over time.

The Approach

Threat Modeling

Scenario-driven system modeling to identify security threats, classify threats based on risk, and develop mitigation strategies for handling each threat.

Incident Response Plan

Creation of a comprehensive incident response plan that details specific processes and roles/responsiblities for handling security incidents in advance.

Monitoring Development

Development of a set of robust monitoring bots that provide visibility into your smart contracts’ most vulnerable areas, enabling an effective response.

Incident Commander Support

Leverage OpenZeppelin's expertise to guide you through live security incidents, helping your team navigate the incident process from analysis to communications.

Incident Response Simulations

Evaluate and improve your team’s response processes and workflow with simulations of the biggest security threats to your system.

Why OpenZeppelin

Methodology & Approach

Systematic incident response rooted in best practices and industry standards, prioritizing containment, analysis, remediation, and communication for asset and reputation protection.

Tooling & Automation

Integration with the Defender security platform enhances monitoring, managing, and securing blockchain assets and smart contracts, ensuring real-time visibility and swift incident response.

Proven Implementations

OpenZeppelin's successful track record based on proven results, safeguarding projects like Scroll and Compound showcasing their competence in decentralized ecosystem protection.

"The cryptographers at OZ are extremely proficient, even if core contributors of plonk were in the team, we designed a modification that was not easy to grasp, for a very specific use case, and it was understood quite quickly and thoroughly. In fact the discussions lead to some upgrade not only in the solidity code but in gnark-crypto and gnark, especially KZG related operations."

Thomas Piellard

Applied Cryptographer

An Organized Approach to Stop Loss of Funds

With the right guidance and proper approach, avoiding disastrous outcomes is achievable.

Incident Response: Insight on Current Mechanisms

A deep dive into current technical response mechanisms which can protect smart contract managed assets.

How the Web3 Security Alliance Prevent a DAO Hack

Testing OpenZeppelin's experts on their system's defense capabilities in an attack simulation of a DAO hack.

With proper planning and execution loss of funds can be prevented

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