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Build the foundations of an open economy

OpenZeppelin is looking for skilled developers and professionals who are committed to facilitating the creation of shared infrastructure to close the gap between our vision and the reality of how distributed networks work today.

What we do

We believe in the power of technology to change the world by enabling new ways for individuals and businesses to communicate, create, and transact value. However, we recognize that some old traditions, institutions, and ideas are being carried over from the days before the Internet.

We empower creative people all over the world to build new software-based global systems and communities, no matter where they live. We do this by driving technological innovation, open-source collaboration, and great user experience design.


How we work

We’re focused on creating a collaborative work environment where people are happy and productive. We don’t let geography or borders define us: we are a distributed team with members all over the world.

We apply proven remote and organizational practices to ensure that our team is always in sync.



Our core values

Ability to ship

We take ownership of our responsibilities, set goals, and manage expectations to achieve them.

Intellectual curiosity

We are driven by a passionate and constant desire to learn. We encourage a curious attitude toward the unknown and toward life in general.

Commitment to excellence

We care a great deal about our work being of high quality. We want our products to be polished and our communication to be precise.

Strong sense of purpose

We care about the mission and work to positively impact the community. We think big and build with the long-term in mind.

Team spirit

We trust and rely on other team members, while being mindful of our differences. We have honest and direct communication and contribute to each other’s success.

Healthy workstyle

We are conscious of our individual work styles and achieve our goals calmly, while enjoying the journey.

Flexible schedules

We focus on achievements, not working hours. Find the cadence that works best for you.

Flexible paid time off

We believe in the importance of breaks so you can lead a balanced life. You decide when to take your vacations.

Flexible location

Employees have the option to work from a coworking space of their choosing or to enhance their home office.

Current openings

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